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Like all stories, mine with photography has a beginning, a reason, and a charm! Zackary and relatives call me Zack, and you can call me Zack …

Before making it my job I was passionate, very passionate for more than 10 years, I liked photos that told stories, photos that immortalized moments, photos that make us vibrate every time we look at them , it was the wedding photo that interested me. To get started, I needed real training. So I searched, I searched a lot, until I came across the site of a very famous Parisian photographer, from another level, a photographer that I had the chance to meet, and who helped me a lot, who trained me, and who taught me what books will never teach me, I was trained on the ground, I was confronted with all situations, and everything that he would tell me each time “You are my relief”. His advice and words will always be with me until the end of my professional career. I am grateful to him. Let’s come back to our sheep, as far as I’m concerned, I love walking in Paris, especially at night, I hate clutter and when my phone is at 20%, I really like the vanilla-almond magnums, I love them. watches and cars, I’m very calm but the noise doesn’t bother me, I’m obsessive and this applies even to my photo equipment, I like it when it’s square, I always have extra batteries, memory cards in addition, I always choose security but I like to take the risk, I love fashion and elegance .. and if you want to know me a little more I invite you to visit me at the office and come and discover my universe.


The photos are perhaps the only chosen ones that you would keep from your wedding, which you will pass on to your children and grandchildren.

I give myself body and soul to give you an eternal memory of each moment, when you are going to say YES out loud, when you are going to cry for joy, leaving the town hall, the bite of the show, the faces of your guests …
My prices start at 2000 €.

If you like my style and the way I work, tell me about your projects and I’ll take care of the rest.

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My style is very similar to reporting where the important thing is to capture the moment. For couple photos, I’m used to guiding you so that you’re comfortable with shots that are both delicate and filled with spontaneity.

Your images will accompany you throughout your life. My intention is that you will enjoy watching them over and over again, throughout the years. I am committed to offering you an exclusive service, and elegant products, so that your photos extend the magic of your wedding.

Kind Words


Jannicke & Paal

We loved having Zack with us during our wedding weekend in Provence! Zack had a unique way of making us feel completely relaxed and comfortable, and we’re so happy he was part of the wedding celebration.

“When we first met Zack, we instantly fell for his warm personality and aura. In a way it felt as if we already knew each other because it was like interacting and communicating with a friend. When we received the photographs, we saw what an exceptional talent Zack has. He captures the beauty of settings and moments, and makes it possible to forever cherish some of the best memories in life. Not only does he see magnificent scenery and small details, but he captures the feelings and emotions of everyone present: the bride, the groom, the family and friends. In essence he savored the ambiance created and made possible by all those we love and are so happy to have shared such a special day with!”



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